World Changers

30 07 2009

It’s fascinating to me to think about the role of the church in relationto this world. Some people see ‘church’as a location. Others see it as a meeting that takes place on a weekly basis. Still others think of it as a man made institution or community group. Those who are heavily religious look at the church astheee power tool for manipulation or self-righteous bigotry. But there church is nome of these things. The church has been beat described a ‘the hope of the world!’ It is quite literally the ‘ekklesia’ (in Greek), or’the called out ones’ in our modern day English. Butcalled out of what? According to the apostle Peter, the church is that group of people who have been called out of darkness and into the liht of Christ. There church is a living, loving, culturally relevant organism built of people who have put their faith in Jesus. And our primary roles to play are to honor God and change our world with the love of Christ. If church isore about YOU than it is OTHERS than your understanding of the church is off base. I encourage you to rethink your definition of this great movement that Jeaus created…and see if you are living out your calling of being a world changer and voice of hope! And if you’re not – then begin today!


The Orphan’s Dream!

23 08 2008

Do I have a story for you…as most of you are aware, a couple of friends of mine who live here in Greenville, SC are doing one of the most amazing things I have ever heard of. This past summer Mike & Evelyn Pili took their family and traveled over 12,000 miles to the a southern island in the Philippines. The purpose of this trip was to begin the ground work of planting an orphanage. They spent nearly 7 weeks meeting with government officials, church leaders, religious organizations, business owners and the orphans of Southern Leyte. Their desire was to at least “spy out the land”, and possible make a purchase of some property. What actually took place was that men in high places blessed them beyond measure. The came home having received a very large — choice piece of land, having feed nearly 350 orphans three times a week, organized a board of elders to over-see the operation and received a commitment from numerous ministries to volunteer to serve and assist in one of many areas. To say they achieved their goals is a major understatement!

I tell you this story just to remind you that there are still people in the world who are more concerned with others than themselves. There are still those who will make major sacrifices to bless the lives of others! 
I am so very proud to call Mike and Evelyn friends. I pray their lives and commitment to the greater good would rub off on my life!