Church Signs That Just Don’t Help!

7 03 2014

Having spent many years running through the halls of the church, I can attest to the fact that sometimes our efforts to communicate our Christian faith and the good news of Christ falls far short of being effective. No where is this better seen then on the marquee signs in front of our buildings. While there are times the church does well — all too often we seek to be cute or coy to gain the attention of our communities to the detriment of our message. This week I ran across a number of good examples of bad church signs online. Here’s just a few that made my list of signs that should have never been put up:



















A Reason To Celebrate!

11 08 2011

I honestly can’t believe how fast the summer has flown by. It seems like just yesterday that my children were all anticipating their big SUMMER BREAK. We had so many activities and plans we were making together — things we wanted to do and ways we wanted to celebrate the warm summer days. And as I look back over the past few months, I think we did most of the things we wanted to do. There were movies we saw, camping activities in the back yard, evening fires and smores, as well as outings and a week of vacation to the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. All in all we had a great summer.

Some of the more memorable moments for me came the past few weeks. In my home, the months of July and August are filled with BIG DAYS! It began with my wife’s surprise birthday party. This was a big one…but I’ll just say it was her “29th” (again!). This was the first time I had ever thrown her a big party — and a surprise event to boot! It was a ’70’s themed gathering complete with platform shoes, huge afros, bell-bottoms, and my green plaid polyester pants! We discoed the night away.

The next big moment was to celebrate my daughters 11th birthday…quickly followed by my middle son’s 8th birthday. And did I mention that the summer began with my oldest son’s 13th birthday. Well, at least I get a break before my youngest turns 6 in December. But then the celebrations continue right through Christmas and the New Year!

Well, here’s what I’ve come to discover. Life is worth celebrating. My family and friends are worth celebrating. Life was meant to be enjoyed with those I know and love. Jesus said his primary purpose was to come and give “life”. Life to the max. Life lived in connection with Him. Abundant, joy-filled, celebratory life! I love the way Jesus ends the story He told His followers about the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. The father declares his love for his son and reveals his heart of celebration. The father said, “…We must celebrate with a feast, for this son of mine was dead and has now returned to life. He was lost, but now he is found.’ So the party began.” (Lk. 15:23-24, NLT).

Isn’t that great? “So the party began!”

Oh, by the way…this Sunday my wife and I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary! How awesome is that? I am truly blessed beyond measure.

Let the party BEGIN!

Understanding Faith!

30 05 2011

Over the past few of weeks I have been teaching on the very interesting – yet, complicated subject of FAITH. And after studying this topic in depth, I have become acutely aware that in our society there seems to be many words spoken but very little understanding about it. It would seem that even in the realm of church leadership (especially from the pulpit) there are those who declare many things about faith — while not really grasping the issue themselves.

One of the books I read recently is entitled: Small Faith, Great God, by N. T. Wright. In the second chapter he describes the function of faith in this way. He writes, “Faith in the Bible is always determined by its object…what matters is not so much the faith itself as what it is in.” The way he describes this in greater detail is worth repeating. It provides a mental picture which I believe is most helpful to this somewhat complicated subject. He says, “Faith…is like a window. It is not there because we happen to want one wall of the room to be made of glass. It is there for the sake of what we can see through it–and in order to let light into the room.”

Faith then, is the resource given to us to help us see and understand God better. The writer of Hebrews states, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” And that is true! But so is the converse of that statement. With faith we can please God.

I think maybe it is time that we look again at God through the window of faith He has provided. For when we do, our eyes shall be opened to His power, His majesty, and all of His glory!

Winning Just Feels Better Than Losing!

25 10 2010

Alright, let’s face — winning just feels good! A little over a week ago I had to watch my Tampa Bay Rays go down for the count. I really had high hopes for them — especially after the way they had played all season long. But, after struggling in Texas against the Rangers, I really didn’t have much confidence in their ability to pull out the wins needed in Tampa. So, when we failed to win the series against the Rangers — I thought I’d lose interest in the World Series. I’m sure you can understand my surprise when I found myself watching the Rangers play the Yankees — and pulling strongly for the Rangers! And not only did they win…but they won big! One blogger I read earlier said,

“The Yankees punched the Rangers in the mouth with their comeback in Game 1, but the Rangers punched back in Game 2 and the Yankees never recovered. They thought the Rangers would fold like the Twins did and it never happened. This was a six game series that felt like a sweep. That is how one-sided this series became.” (

So, what felt like defeat in Tampa has lead to feelings of success. And this coming Wednesday the Rangers take on the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.  Not bad for a team that’s never really won in the post-season. I hope this win streak continues…because, WINNING JUST FEELS BETTER THAN LOSING!

My New Blog!

19 08 2010

For those who are interested, I have launched a new blog. The new blog I am writing is a focused on the issues of LEADERSHIP & MINISTRY…and really the practices of leaders in ministry. I’ve entitled it – Leadership Orthopraxy (right practices in regards to leadership).

If you are interested in reading my thoughts on this subject, you can follow along at:

Check it out – I think you’ll enjoy it!

The Biggest Day — Since Easter!

2 05 2010

Alright, it’s been way too long since my last post — so, I’ll make this one short and to the point! Anyone in pastoral ministry knows that the biggest day for attracting people to gather with the church (outside of Easter) is Mother’s Day! In fact, on rare occasions “Mom” can even pull out more attenders to the Sunday gatherings than the resurrection itself. That being said, I just want to encourage you all to do two things next Sunday morning (May 9th, 2010):

Number 1 – Call your mom and tell her how you love her. Thank her for everything she has ever done…and all the personal sacrifices she has made for you! Just do it. It will make her day and you will be glad you did.

Number 2 – Just show up. Give her some of your time and go to church with her. Surprise her and show up for next Sunday morning’s service at her church. If you live too far away — then go to church in her honor. Then call her and tell her you went to church. Trust me on this one…it will mean the world to her. And who knows, maybe…just maybe, you might get something out of the experience yourself! I know you will if you join us at Trinity Fellowship Church in Greenville, SC. 🙂

Well, on that note…here is a great video clip reminding you of some of the reasons you need to complete the two tasks above.


Free At Last, Free At Last…

24 02 2010
As most of you know, February has been officially regarded as Black History Month. This week I have been thinking a lot about this and about the greatness of the men and women who make up the fabric of our nation. Never have I been more proud of our country for its embrace of all people (regardless of race or color). As a nation, we have  traversed a great distance. I realize we have not completed our journey…but we have made great progress thus far.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - as he waves to the people who showed up for the Civil Rights Movement's March on Washington at the Lincoln Memorial. It was from this spot that he delivered his famous 'I Have a Dream' speech on August 28, 1963.

As we recognize the many men and women who have paid price to establish the freedoms for all people (especially those of color), I want to publicly pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King and the leadership he offered during those very tumultuous years. Though he was not a man without error or mistake – he was a man who understood the power of standing up for what he believed. And beyond that, I believe he was also a man who embraced (if not embodied) the idea of grace and forgiveness. The more I read, the more I understand his driving passion to see this nation standing tall and standing together. Black beside white, rich beside poor, man beside woman.

Below is a video clip from the speech referenced above by Dr. Martin Luther King.