Making Plans!

In the leadership world, there are thousands of books that address the way leaders lead and more specifically the way leaders plan. Without question, the greatest collection of wisdom and insight on how a leader plans his work–and then works his plan, has to be the Bible! Long before leadership gurus were publishing their opinions, blogging their thoughts. Or tweeting their pithy points of pontificating, the writers of scripture were penning God’s insightful perspective in the matter.

Today, as I was reading through the Ild Testament book of Proverbs I was again confronted with the challenging words of chapter 20 on the subject of planning well. In verse 18, the wisdom writer simply states,

prepare plans by consultation…

The significance of this verse speaks directly to the heart of every leader. Good leaders never make their plans in a cavalier way. Wise leaders, proficient leaders, those leaders who stand out from the rest will always seek wise counsel before they make plans and carry them out! In another scripture, we were reminded that wisdom is found in the counselor of many. Yet another declaration of the importance of seeking wise counsel before making plans.

But there was more direction given in Proverbs chapter 20 on the subject of making plans. In verse five, the author tells us,

A plan in the heart of a man is like Deepwater, but a man of understanding draws it out.

Here the writer reminds us of the necessity of leaders to think out-of-the-box, to dream big, to plan with the future in mind. From his perspective, planning is necessary and life giving. It’s like deep waters to the soul…refreshing! But just making great plans is never enough. Plans are to be lived out! They must be carried out. They are to be fulfilled.

So, dream big, seek counsel, make your plans — and then dare to fulfill them!


One response to “Making Plans!”

  1. Kudos on consultation, run things, thoughts, ideas, plans by God and He will tweek em for you for the best to impact the most people. Reminds me of a book I read many years ago called “Jesus CEO; Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership” many great points on planning and seeking council and being aware of how you are walking in wisdom to cross that finish line for success.

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