Winning Just Feels Better Than Losing!

Alright, let’s face — winning just feels good! A little over a week ago I had to watch my Tampa Bay Rays go down for the count. I really had high hopes for them — especially after the way they had played all season long. But, after struggling in Texas against the Rangers, I really didn’t have much confidence in their ability to pull out the wins needed in Tampa. So, when we failed to win the series against the Rangers — I thought I’d lose interest in the World Series. I’m sure you can understand my surprise when I found myself watching the Rangers play the Yankees — and pulling strongly for the Rangers! And not only did they win…but they won big! One blogger I read earlier said,

“The Yankees punched the Rangers in the mouth with their comeback in Game 1, but the Rangers punched back in Game 2 and the Yankees never recovered. They thought the Rangers would fold like the Twins did and it never happened. This was a six game series that felt like a sweep. That is how one-sided this series became.” (

So, what felt like defeat in Tampa has lead to feelings of success. And this coming Wednesday the Rangers take on the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.  Not bad for a team that’s never really won in the post-season. I hope this win streak continues…because, WINNING JUST FEELS BETTER THAN LOSING!

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