Winning Just Feels Better Than Losing!

25 10 2010

Alright, let’s face — winning just feels good! A little over a week ago I had to watch my Tampa Bay Rays go down for the count. I really had high hopes for them — especially after the way they had played all season long. But, after struggling in Texas against the Rangers, I really didn’t have much confidence in their ability to pull out the wins needed in Tampa. So, when we failed to win the series against the Rangers — I thought I’d lose interest in the World Series. I’m sure you can understand my surprise when I found myself watching the Rangers play the Yankees — and pulling strongly for the Rangers! And not only did they win…but they won big! One blogger I read earlier said,

“The Yankees punched the Rangers in the mouth with their comeback in Game 1, but the Rangers punched back in Game 2 and the Yankees never recovered. They thought the Rangers would fold like the Twins did and it never happened. This was a six game series that felt like a sweep. That is how one-sided this series became.” (

So, what felt like defeat in Tampa has lead to feelings of success. And this coming Wednesday the Rangers take on the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. ┬áNot bad for a team that’s never really won in the post-season. I hope this win streak continues…because, WINNING JUST FEELS BETTER THAN LOSING!