The Biggest Day — Since Easter!

Alright, it’s been way too long since my last post — so, I’ll make this one short and to the point! Anyone in pastoral ministry knows that the biggest day for attracting people to gather with the church (outside of Easter) is Mother’s Day! In fact, on rare occasions “Mom” can even pull out more attenders to the Sunday gatherings than the resurrection itself. That being said, I just want to encourage you all to do two things next Sunday morning (May 9th, 2010):

Number 1 – Call your mom and tell her how you love her. Thank her for everything she has ever done…and all the personal sacrifices she has made for you! Just do it. It will make her day and you will be glad you did.

Number 2 – Just show up. Give her some of your time and go to church with her. Surprise her and show up for next Sunday morning’s service at her church. If you live too far away — then go to church in her honor. Then call her and tell her you went to church. Trust me on this one…it will mean the world to her. And who knows, maybe…just maybe, you might get something out of the experience yourself! I know you will if you join us at Trinity Fellowship Church in Greenville, SC. πŸ™‚

Well, on that note…here is a great video clip reminding you of some of the reasons you need to complete the two tasks above.



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