Kindle Time!

12 01 2010

Just a brief post today…

I recently received a Kindle Reader from my folks. It was my high-tech Christmas gift this year. Now, I have to admit — I’ve always been a “techy” and love anything that needs to be powered. (Notice I said TECHY not TREKY — although both would probably apply).

I remember when I was a boy, if I received a gift that was electric or battery powered — if wouldn’t take long for me to have a screw-driver in hand and the back off of the device. I just loved things that were “high tech” and wanted to know how they worked.

Well, some things have changed – I rarely take my new devices apart…but I still love gadgets and gear!

As for this new Kindle Reader, well I think it’s amazing! I can carry in my hand a library of 1500 books (if I had the money to purchase that many).

It has a wonderful screen and very good graphic ability. The text can be increased or decreased very simply. The purchase of new books for it can happen in a flash — literally about 60 seconds. I have discovered that I am reading more now then ever before (and I have always been an avid reader).

My most recent downloads (books I am reading) have been Jesus Nation – by Joe Stowell and Uncommon – by Tony Dungy. Both are really good. I recommend by the Kindle and the books. You can’t go wrong with either one!

The Kindle, get one!