Help for Haiti!

22 01 2010

Haitian people reach out for help!

It’s been a little over a week since the massive series of earthquakes hit the nation of Haiti. What initially looked — got worse with each aftershock and seismic tremor. This very poor nation of people were brought to their knees in a matter of moments. I am so proud to see the United States of America and all of our resources responding to the needs of the people of Haiti. While many nations are watching – we are responding. And it’s not just our nation, but it’s also the church who is responding. Never have I been so proud to be a part of the body of Christ as I have been the last few days. Even our (small) local congregation was quick to do something about the needs of the Haitians. With just a simple request for funds, our folks gave $2000 to the relief organization CONVOY OF HOPE. Together with people from all over the world — we are making a difference!

At this time of loss, the Haitian people need us to stand in the gap for them. Rather than judge them for their past or the present mistakes and sin, we will stand with them and share the love of Christ. Rather than condemn them — we must serve them. Let’s be the love of Christ to those with great need during this great hour!

Kindle Time!

12 01 2010

Just a brief post today…

I recently received a Kindle Reader from my folks. It was my high-tech Christmas gift this year. Now, I have to admit — I’ve always been a “techy” and love anything that needs to be powered. (Notice I said TECHY not TREKY — although both would probably apply).

I remember when I was a boy, if I received a gift that was electric or battery powered — if wouldn’t take long for me to have a screw-driver in hand and the back off of the device. I just loved things that were “high tech” and wanted to know how they worked.

Well, some things have changed – I rarely take my new devices apart…but I still love gadgets and gear!

As for this new Kindle Reader, well I think it’s amazing! I can carry in my hand a library of 1500 books (if I had the money to purchase that many).

It has a wonderful screen and very good graphic ability. The text can be increased or decreased very simply. The purchase of new books for it can happen in a flash — literally about 60 seconds. I have discovered that I am reading more now then ever before (and I have always been an avid reader).

My most recent downloads (books I am reading) have been Jesus Nation – by Joe Stowell and Uncommon – by Tony Dungy. Both are really good. I recommend by the Kindle and the books. You can’t go wrong with either one!

The Kindle, get one!