A Dangerous Prayer!

8 07 2009

Here’s a prayer I am asking my congregation to consider praying on a daily basis to help us discover better opportunities to share of faith in Christ with others. It’s simple but powerful. I adapted this prayer from a recent blog I found from Mark Batterson (pastor of National Community Church). Maybe you should join us in praying this prayer as well!

“Lord, I pray for an opportunity to share my faith with someone in some way. It’s not up to me to decide who or when or where. But I know why. Because you love them and want a relationship with them. So Lord, surprise me with opportunities to share my faith.

Forgive me for trying to do your job for you. You are the one who convicts of sin. You are the one who draws people to yourself, but help me do my part as I become salt and light.

Help me see those opportunities to react compassionately and listen patiently and even to speak kindly to others. And, through my words and my actions, help me plant seeds of love in the lives of others. Give me boldness when it’s time to speak. Give me restraint when it’s time to listen. Give me words to say. But more importantly, give me ears to hear.

Lord, help me be sensitive to the prompting of your Holy Spirit so I can see the divine appointments you send my way. Help me not to be afraid of questions I cannot answer. Help me not to be afraid of people’s reactions or rejections.

Lord, help me preach the gospel every day, when necessary, with words. In Jesus name, amen!”