Lawn Day at the Hill House!

30 05 2009
Downtown Greenville, SC (Falls Park)

Downtown Greenville, SC (Falls Park)

Is it just me, or does anyone else like to get out the house on the weekends and work in their yard? There is just something so rewarding about transforming an overgrown yard into a work of art! I absolutely love it. The time alone, listening to the hum of the mower, the sun on your back, the sweat in your eyes (okay – I could do without the sweat)…but don’t all of those things just make the experience very rewarding. And, after a long week in the office or on the computer – I am grateful for the opportunity to do something physically challenging that doesn’t take a lot of thinking! Where I live (in the upstate of South Carolina), it has rained nearly everyday for the last 2 weeks…so the yard was huge, the humidity was sky-rocketing and the experience was very fulfilling! If you hate yard word and detest the outdoors…well, I am sorry. I still love it! I guess I should be grateful to my mother who always had me pull weeds and my dad who always had me cut the grass as a kid. It’s a little strange to be looking back and having warm memories for the chores I used to dread. Funny how time and place can change your view of things!

Here’s to the weekends and a lush green yard to mow!


PS – by the way, I found the picture above from a blog about real estate, and it noted that Greenville, SC was recently ranked the 4th best place to live in the America (out of the Top 100 places). Go figure…I can’t believe it was ranked so low. It is #1 in my book! 🙂 Check it out at: