What I’m Reading!

19 05 2009

10 stupid thingsLast week I took the family to Barnes & Noble…one of our favorite places to go. My daughter picked up the book The Secret Garden, Preston got a Transformer book, Carson got a Thomas the train engine book and Jonathan picked up Swiss Family Robinson. We all love to read! I picked up a new book on church growth…I know, it sounds boring already, huh? Well, surprisingly enough, this is a pretty good read. It has a fair amount of humor (sarcasm to be more exact) but some really good stories of failure and success. It was recently released by author Geoff Surratt and is entitled, TEN STUPID THINGS THAT KEEP CHURCHES FROM GROWING! And let me just say, it’s nice to discover that I am not the only one who has done some stupid things in the name of ministry! If you are at all interested in seeing the church of Christ reach this world and change lives – then you should probably pick this book up. Enjoy!