Growing Up.

24 04 2009

Why is it that when we are young we wish we were older…and then when we are older, we find ourselves wishing we were young again? My children are just getting so big! My eldest–Jonathan, will be turning 11 this next month. He just completed a major writing project in school (a 1000+ page paper on President James A. Garfield) and has even begun asking me which vehicle he will be driving when he turns 16. WHAT??? I nearly fell out of my chair. Driving? Really? What has happened to the other 5 years he has to go? Is he really ready to throw them all away and skip to 16? Was I like that with my father as well? If I’m honest with you, I probably was. Here’s the thing…every day really is a gift from God. Let’s learn to be grateful for them all. Before we know it we will have wished them all away wanting to be at a different place in life. I think we would be wise to heed the advice of the Psalmist and learn to number our days. Life is just too short to always want to be at some other point in time. Think on this for a while!


12 04 2009

And it happened again. This morning God surprised me yet again by doing the most amazing thing ever. He showed up, encouraged, offered freedom and forgiveness…and saved 7 people from an eternity apart from Him. It is the beauty of the message of Jesus. He came, He lived, He died, and He lived again! It’s what Easter is truly all about – Jesus overcoming death and in return, offering all of humanity “everlasting life”. Wow! What an amazing act. It is extraordinary…almost unbelieveable. It reminds me of a song we used to sing when I was a little boy. “God is so good! God is so good! God is so good–He’s so good to me!”

Today, Easter 2009 — I am celebrating the extravagant gift of God in Jesus. He is the Messiah, my Savior, my Lord…my soon coming King! In the words of the ancient church…”He is Risen – He is Risen Indeed!”

Happy Easter everyone.

Defining Moments

11 04 2009

Alright, earlier this week a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video about a highschool student in New York. I really didn’t have any expectations except that the young man must have some talent. When I watched the clip I was amazed to say the least…not because of his skills but because of his heart. Well, the young man is autistic and doesn’t play – he fills the role as the manager. But as his season came to an end, his coach allowed him to dress out for the last game. Not intending to play – but really just allowing him to feel the excitment of the game up close. As the game draws to an end, the unthinkable happens. The coach has a defining moment…and chooses to play the boy. What happens next coupld only be described as a “fairy tale ending”. Watch the clip below and tell me what you think.

My advice to you…seek out opportunities in your own life and relationships which could also be descibed as “defining” as well.

Be blessed!