Living Beyond Ourselves!

Once again I have been reminded of the real purpose in life…and rather than living to get what we can out of it, it’s all about living to give what we can to bless the lives of others. I can think of no one who better modeled this than Jesus himself. He was completely “Others-centered”.

Today I had the joy of giving a few hours of my time with a couple other men to serve one of the families in our church. When we arrived at the home, we recognized a family desperate for God to minister to them – through us. There needs were simple (cleaning up the leaves in their backyard, cleaning out their gutters, repairing a few small mechanical items in their home, etc.). And even though they were relatively simple jobs – what it meant to the family we will probably never know.

Here’s the thing – what took very little money, time and energy went a long way to strengthen, encourage and bless an entire family. This was what I would call the “Jesus Way”! Taking little and making much out of it. It can be seen in the story of the little boy with a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread. A little which was shared and bless the multitudes.

So I conclude with this question to you. What have you given lately to put someone else before yourself? What do you possess which others are desperate to receive? Is it your time, your talent or your treasure?

Whatever it may be…take the time to offer it “unto the Lord” and see the difference you little can make in the life of someone else.

Isn’t it time to try living beyond ourselves?

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