Re-Thinking Our Approach

Have you ever noticed how the church seems to operate on a totally different level than the rest of the “Real World?” Now, before you get a little hot under the collar – let me explain what I’m talking about. Sometimes it seems as if the church just does things without really thinking things through. For instance, we have catch phrases that we us which no one except churched people would ever understand. It’s like we have these code words that are expected and if you don’t know them code word – then somehow you are kept on the outside of “Church Life”. Or, maybe it’s the songs we EXPECT everyone to know – and yet profess to be concerned with reaching those outside of the “Christian Faith.” And yet, by expecting everyone to know our songs…we somehow push the very people we long to reach further away. Well, I am not suggesting that we throw out our traditions — just that we share them in a better way.

Just today a friend sent me a video about such things — and though it is a bit extreme in it’s opinions, it sure gets a message across. Maybe it’s time we (as the church) rethink how we promote Jesus and adjust our approach to better connect with those who need Him most. Just a thought. Hope the clip below makes you simle, laugh and maybe think at the same time. Enjoy!

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