Make Sure You Vote!!!

27 10 2008

Today I viewed a video clip created by the Catholic Church. This clip powerfully portrays what is at stake in this election and why every person of faith in Christ must take responsibility in letting their vote be counted. Though the issues are clear – this video never promotes nor endorses any candidate or party. I think this is the best video I have ever watched which promotes the right to vote. View this and let me know what you think!


The things we do…

21 10 2008
Just a few days ago I had the joy of attending the 7th birthday party for the son of one of my friends. Now I have to tell you – his parents are highly creative and very fun, so it shouldn’t have surprised me but it did! As we arrived, the yard was set up with chairs around their deck (much like a concert arena would be), and the children were all given homemade guitars for the day. You see, the theme of this party was “Rock-n-Roll”…and everything was tied in to that theme. 
Well it was so much fun. We were all given backstage passes for Joey’s party which included a verse of scripture noting how God was our “Rock!” This party came complete with a guitar cake, microphones to sing into, blue hair spray to fix the doos, stick on tattoos and all the joys of a celebration of the 7 year old’s life. It was great.
Here’s the cool thing though…the parents decided that what would be great would be a guest appearance by the boy’s favorite band. And since Skillet wasn’t available – the dads and uncle formed an air-band we called “Cast Iron Skillet”. We probably weren’t very good – but the children thought we were the best. 
I say all of this to say that what we did was no small thing. We went out of our way to express to this little boy how special he was and how much his family and friends loved him. I promise you he will never forget that day. And neither will I, because I saw first hand how loving and thoughtful parents can really bless their children. May we all learn to step out of our comfort zones and our boring routines of life and be willing to engage our children on their level! Let’s celebrate the gifts that God has given us in them.
Okay…so now I will embarrass myself by showing you the debut of “Cast Iron Skillet!” (And by the way, I am the drummer in the background with the blue Faux-Hawk.) Enjoy!


Joe Noyes, Justin Welch, Rob Orozco & Chuck Hill