Stretching My Faith…

13 05 2008

Alright, I know I should do this much more regularly – but I just haven’t managed to make this apart of my daily discipline. I should I know…it benefits me to write and express my thoughts. There is something fairly powerful about getting your heart out on paper (or in this case on the digital screen of my laptop). One thing I have noticed is that once it’s there – it’s there. So if i dream and write of things to come…I am somehow committed to my thoughts. It is as though typing it out makes it real – and pushes me to create an expectation for it to come to pass. The bible would call that FAITH. And, “oh you gotta have faith, faith, faith!” Sorry I just couldn’t resist!

Well, here’s to blogging – or faithing, however you want to look at it!
Until next time.