Saying Goodbye…

28 05 2008

Well first let me say this has been an incredibly long and tiring weekend. It has been very good, but very long. Sometimes it amazes me how certain things (emotional moments) can sap your energy more than physical activity! This weekend proved to be one of those times.

As the weekend began, one of the dear ladies within our church family passed away. She had been sick off and on and had “fought a good fight”. She was 78 years old and had served the Lord for most of that time. Her passing was truly a “Home-going!” More on that later…
On Friday I also prepared to marry one of the couples within our church. We had their wedding rehearsal and had such a good time (we laughed way more than we probably should have). On Saturday I married them and watched as they began their life together. It was very fun and a real joy for me to participate! That afternoon we said good-bye as they left for their honeymoon.
On Saturday we also received a visit from one of our former students (who happens to be all grown up now). She was a part of our youth ministries in the early 90’s and today she works just outside of Washington, DC. She is doing great and still passionate about her relationship with Jesus.
By the time Sunday rolled around – I was very drained…and yet my weekend was just beginning. Have you ever been there?
After the am service I received some information that one of the families in our church were going to be moving away. This family is such a key part of what God has been doing at TFC (Trinity Fellowship Church) and hearing this totally caught me off guard. As I tried to be supportive, deep in my heart and mind I was already grieving their loss. Saying good-bye just never seems to be easy for me.
Well, after a picnic with my small group up on Paris Mountain (so beautiful). We told our group good-bye and went home to crash. Monday turned out to be a nice memorial day…we explained to our children what we were remembering and honored those who had given their lives for our country and our freedom. After a cook-out at home our friend Jill (from DC) loaded up her things and my wife took her to the airport. Again, we said good-bye. 
And that brings me back to today. I watched as nearly 200 people packed a room to remember Helen Robertson. The stories that were told would have made even the toughest of hearts soften. One man said he had know her for nearly 60 years and yet in all that time could not remember one bad thing about this woman. She was precious – genuinely sweet. And as I finished speaking and we prepared to leave the grave side…we all were forced to say good-bye.
And life goes on! Our parting ways and closing chapters doesn’t complete the story. God still has more and the story is still being written. So I must rest and live to serve God in more ways in the days ahead. 
May you be blessed today and stay focused on the call for which God has given you. Be blessed.

21 05 2008

And so it begins…

This past weekend we launched the vision and inspiration behind our newest ministry – THE ORPHAN’S DREAM! In June we will be sending two of our own (Mike and Evelyn Pili) to Southern Leyte, Philippines. They will begin the process of launching a brand new orphanage. We have already made contact with the community leaders, invested into a local congregation, partnered with an area pastor and even purchased land for this ministry. The foundational stones are clearly being laid. It will only be a short time until we become fully engaged in the ministry and outreach to the Philippines. I am confident that what God has started within us – He will see to completion!

If you would like to discover more about this project, please check out the interview I did with Mike last month or the message I shared with our church this past weekend (you can find them both under the e-source page of Trinity Fellowship Church website – Contact our Missions Task Force with questions or comments at
If you would like to partner with us, donations can be made through the TFC website as well. 
We will keep you posted on the progress…it is going to be so exciting!

Stretching My Faith…

13 05 2008

Alright, I know I should do this much more regularly – but I just haven’t managed to make this apart of my daily discipline. I should I know…it benefits me to write and express my thoughts. There is something fairly powerful about getting your heart out on paper (or in this case on the digital screen of my laptop). One thing I have noticed is that once it’s there – it’s there. So if i dream and write of things to come…I am somehow committed to my thoughts. It is as though typing it out makes it real – and pushes me to create an expectation for it to come to pass. The bible would call that FAITH. And, “oh you gotta have faith, faith, faith!” Sorry I just couldn’t resist!

Well, here’s to blogging – or faithing, however you want to look at it!
Until next time.