A Boy & His "Wii" Little Faith!

9 04 2008

Alright folks, it has been way too long since the last blog. Consistency is needed!

Well, much has been going on since my last blog. My son turns 10 in just a few weeks, the season has shifted again…warmer weather around the corner, still waiting to see who will drop out first – Clinton or Obama…will it ever end! Moving on…
Just a few of weeks ago my son approached me about something close to his heart – a Wii. For those who have fallen off the planet and are not familiar with what this is – let me fill you in. The Wii is the newest form of gaming from Nintendo. It is completely wireless and very interactive. Well, I gave my son Jonathan some money a few weeks ago and he later that evening he approached me with an idea he had. In his words, “Dad – I was thinking…” Just so you know, those are always very dangerous words to a dad…and they usually mean something is going to cost a me a lot of money! As he continued, his idea was that he take the money I gave him, the money he is expecting to receive from family and friends for his birthday and even the money he expects to earn through work (primarily a lemonade stand) this coming summer…and save it to buy a Wii. He even went so far as to say that if I want, I could assist him with this purchase by putting my money in the pot. This boy has big dreams. I asked if he knew what a Wii would cost and to my surprise he did ($250 +). Again, I had given him some money earlier that day – $4. I asked how much he had so far and he said that along with what I had given him…his grand total to date was $4. All he had was what I had given him. Again, I must reinforce the fact that his dream was big!
Long story short, he was convinced that God would help him earn the money and get this Wii for our family. Well, though I did not have the confidence he did…I encouraged him never the less. Upon telling this story to 5 friends I have breakfast with every Thursday, they were moved by his “faith” and wanted to partner with him. They each through cash my way and said “give this to Jonathan!” To my amazement – after just two and a half weeks, Jonathan has received a total of $239.50 towards this Wii. 
All I can say is “WOW!” If this isn’t a story of a little boy’s faith making a difference – then I do not know what is. This story reminds me of another story about a little boy who had just a few pieces of bread and a couple of fish – yet when they were placed in the hands of Jesus they fed thousands. Here’s my point: we must never underestimate what God can do through us and for us. We must believe! 
My prayer: “God, would you help our unbelief that we might trust you to do more in our lives!”