Does my vote really matter?

19 02 2008

I have had way too many conversations with people lately about whether or not their vote really matters. The basic line of thought is that there are so many people who will vote that my single vote will really be ruled insignificant at best…and powerless at worst. I can’t stress how far off that way of thinking is from the truth.

Voting, at its core, is a value in which our society (here in the United States of America) is deeply rooted. It wasn’t too long ago that we fought for this “right” – losing good men and on the battlefield. Therefore, being able to share our opinions and way in on the conversations our nation is engaged in through casting a ballot is a fundamental principle on which our democracy is built. I want to urge you to not overlook, underestimate or take this right for granted. When you have the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings through an election or a vote – take it! Seize the moment. Leave your mark and make a difference in our society.

Let me also speak to one other issue. I have heard the discussion of many well known radio personalities weigh in on the current political scene. One issue which has been in the forefront of many conversations has to do with the presidential election. There are some who are disappointed in the expected nominee of on party or the other. Because of this, they have said that should a particular candidate receive the nominee of their party that they would just boycott or skip the voting in November. I must say, that is a terrible response.

Let me use the republican party as an example. If you are a conservative and find yourself frustrated by Senator John McCain being your party’s candidate (should this be the case), skipping the election and choosing not to cast a ballot would be a huge mistake. In essence, a non-vote for one part becomes a vote for the other party. A withheld vote for McCain would essentially be a vote of support for his rival on the other side of the political aisle. Your frustration would ultimately be supporting the very views you oppose. What a huge mistake. It would be a shame to think that our forefathers gave their lives for this right – and out of disappointment, you abandon your duty.

I write this today simply to encourage you…whatever your political affiliation, to serve this country well by lifting your voice and casting your vote. There is no more patriotic response you could have than standing up and letting your opinion be heard. So as the the presidential race continues to gain momentum and get closer – make up your mind now to be apart of the process.

You vote really does matter!

– Chuck