Divin’ In Deep

3 09 2007

Alright, there are few things that bring a pastor as much joy as what I experienced tonight. I got to be with our church family in a time of radical celebration. I had the privilege of baptizing seven people tonight who decided to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives. Man, this is what ministry is all about! I have to admit…one of the things that really made this special was that I also got to baptize my son Jonathan. Okay, there was a temptation to take him down more than once just to make sure it sticks…but, you should all be proud of me. I settled for just the one dip with him. On a serious note, being able to hear him share how much he loved Jesus and that he was looking forward to living for Jesus for the rest of his life made my heart swell with joy. What a touching moment. It shall be a time that I will never forget. My prayer is that he will never forget it either!

One of the other guys I baptized was a man who has really had a huge transformation take place in his life. It was just a year ago that he repented of his sin and committed his life to Jesus. Tonight, before we came out from behind the platform in the church we were using for this service, he shared his testimony with me again. With tears in his eyes he shared how thankful he was for the amazing turn-around his life has taken. Chains (emotional, cultural and physical) have been broken and he has been set free to live the abundant life that God designed from the beginning for him. I am so proud of this man…and this is just the beginning!

Still pressing on and living for Christ!