4 03 2007

I’m back…not that I had ever really been gone. But I am officially writing again.

Well, here are my thoughts tonight. When the world is hard and life is busy…there is nothing like slowing down with a Cinnamon Dulce’ Latte. Not that I am enjoying one of these right now! This weekend my wife was away at a retreat with some of her friends…and from the sounds of things, she had a really great time. As for me, I had a wonderful weekend with the kids. Just Daddy and four incredibly busy children. I now uderstand what my Momma and Daddy meant when they used to say, “Some day, I hope you have kids just like you!” Wow, was that ever a harsh thing to say. No, not really. My children are all so very different. Though they all seem to favor each other in the looks department, they are extremely different in the personality department. The amazing thing is that I see the scripture which David penned coming alive in my own family. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” What creativity our maker has. He has made each of us with a uniqueness all our own. And though His thumb prints have been placed upon us…we all reflect His mark – His reflection in very different ways.

As for this blog, I just want to say how thankful I am for the blessing of God through the gift of individuality. What a terrific thing – to be alike and yet very different at the same time!

Our creator God is simply amazing!

Think on these things…