Life as Usual!

3 10 2006

Umm…doesn’t this picture of a cup of coffee look good!

Okay…so it has been way too long since my last blog! I know and I am sorry for the delay. Life has been very busy lately. Has it been that way for you too? Well enough of that, now I am writing…so just let the anxiety and aggression go. And let’s get on to the task at hand.

Here is the deal. As I sit here at my desk (wishing I were at Carolina Coffee Roasters, Greer, SC), I can’t help but wonder what life would be like if everyone who truly embraced Christ (and the Kingdom mindedness) began to passionately live for Him. Don’t you agree, that if real followers of Christ — I mean truly committed believers began to come alive and live passionately before this world that things would begin to happen? Wouldn’t this world take notice? Not that they would jump up and embrace all that we do…but wouldn’t there be a point of decision that people would come to? As it is now, it seems that life can just so easily be “in Christ” and still “in the world.” There seems to be very little – or at least unnoticiable difference between those who claim to be followers of Christ and those who do not. Doesn’t the bible tell Christ followers that we are to be both salt and light to our world? Well, the last time I checked…both salt and light make a big difference. If you don’t believe me then try eating your eggs in the mornings without salt. Try enjoying any vegetable without the luxury or adding salt — which by the way enhances the flavor of the item. And by way of light…try walking through any room (of which you are unfamiliar) without the benefit of light. I mean NO LIGHT…not even the haze or glow from your cell phone. None! The truth is – without light, you will stumble your way through the room. You will fall over any and everything in your way. You see…both salt and light make a huge difference.

So that’s my thoughts…let’s live our lives as change agents. Let’s live dangerously. Let’s come alive with passion for Christ. No longer blending in…no longer looking and acting like everyone else. Let’s be what we were called out of the darkness and into this marvelous light to be.


Chuck Hill