Spiritual Jazz

25 05 2006

Everyone who knows me…I mean, those who really know me – knows that I love jazz music. And not just any jazz…but good jazz. You know – the old stuff! The bluesy, passionate, smooth, driving bassy kind of jazz. And , I believe there is a reason for this love-affair with real jazz music. It is probably because of the fact that as a musician jazz music provides the sense of freedom. Great freedom. Real freedom. There is the freedom to feel, to explore and discover the music. There is a freedom to flow as you wish – there are boundaries – but, they are healthy and wide. These boundaries are there simply to keep you focused and moving forward. There is a great freedom in this musical genre which opens the door for musicians to go from one edge to the other within the loose framework of melody, tone and rhythm. You can bend the rhythm, modify the chord progression, alter the key, change the mood and through it all…you can express yourself. It allows you to express your heart, your emotions, your thought, your passions — yourself!

What I have discovered is that in the faith…in serving Christ, there is this very same sense of freedom. My relationship with Jesus Christ is a lot like jazz music – good jazz music. Now I know, that Christianity has somehow become known as the faith of “NO!” rather than the faith of “YES!” But, that reveals the sad state of our misunderstandings of Christianity. The truth is , I am no more free in life than I am when I encounter and embrace Jesus Christ. In Him we are truly FREE! Free to live, free to discover, free to embrace the unchanging truth of who He is and what He taught. We are free to become…we are at the core, free to be!

It is through this discovery that I have begun this blog. The obvious parallelism that exists between my faith in Christ and my love for good Jazz music is exciting and thrilling for me personally. And, it is for that reason that I have chosen to name this blog: Spiritual Jazz.

I invite you to consider journeying with me through the ebb and flow of the faith in Christ. As you do – you will experience the greatest freedom of all!

Until next time…

Coda! (this is a musical term for “the end”…)



3 responses

26 05 2006

I look forward to joining up with you in this new journey. I hope to be able to contribute to some honest and open discussion in blogs to come. May the name of Jesus be spoken here in power and truth without any religious constraints.

29 05 2006

Well, I am trying to see if this old lady can figure this out. I discovered this blog while I was in Ohio showing a good friend what a good church I found in SC. Anyway, I think this is a great idea and I will see you soon.

Colleen Love Ya!

25 07 2006

I am here with you, buddy! I have found a home in Greenville, not just a church but a real family who loves me and I love them. I look forward to the journey ahead and what God has in store for me here at Trinity! God Bless you, me hermano!

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